Reduce Energy Cost by Controlling Demand

Just one look at your business electric bill and its clear…Energy costs keep rising.

Among the many line items on your bill, the most expensive are: Electric Usage and Demand Charges. The Electric Usage charge is based on the total energy consumed while the Demand Charges are based on how you use that energy during the day. Amazingly Electric Demand Charges cost you more than the actual usage, and the cost is continuously rising per annum. In just the past few years alone, Electric Demand Charges have increased by 40%.

“Did you know Energy Costs are going DOWN?

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Save 40% on Energy Costs with Demand Control

DemandControl, Inc. helps business lower their Electric Demand Charges by as much as 60%. We do this with our patented high tech “DemandController”.  Our patented system is a sophisticated, computerized monitoring system that provides accurate real-time energy demand data.  Your DemandController is constantly monitoring your energy needs with real time data from your utility company. It senses when a facility is about to experience a high peak demand. The patented DemandController system takes over the load, manages the facilities power and usage to minimize peak Demand fees. On average, your Electric Demand Charges can be reduced by 60% and, in some cases can be eliminated entirely. This can save businesses up to 40% on their utility bill.

Demand Control Solar Synergy Systems

Our patented DemandController works with solar systems. Our innovative system is designed to give businesses a fast return on investment year after year.


  • Reduce Energy Cost by up to 40%
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Works with Solar Systems
  • Compatible across ALL brands of HVAC manufacturers
  • Centralized control all HVAC units
  • Detailed energy logging and reporting
  • Accurate real-time energy demand data
  • Predict, control and adjust the demand of your energy needs including lighting and air conditioning
  • Electric Demand Charges can be reduced by 60%
  • Electric Load Shedding
  • Converts your usage information into savings opportunities
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