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Demand Control Equipment

Patented System for Reducing Energy Cost

Demand Control is the wireless solution working directly with your thermometer. It will air condition your offices before the peak demand time starts, and keep your rooms cool and comfortable during the highest demand hours without those HIGH DEMAND SPIKES! This is not a surge protector connected to your service panel or a relay connected onto your A/C unit. With 85% of your bill coming from A/C usage, the Demand Control system will  control your A/C usage and control room occupancy sensors and more. Demand Control addresses the Demand portion of your bill not the electricity usage.

The DemandControl System (DCS) consists of a central controller, customized thermostats networked together to act as a complete energy management and a real time energy monitoring system. DCS monitors the consumer’s energy demand from the utility company. Once the DCS determines that demand is approaching a predefined set point, it takes control of the thermostats. The predefined set point is the maximum Demand level while maintaining a desired comfort level.

DemandControl continually monitors the temperature from each thermostat and stores it into a database. This information is used to determine how the HVAC units will be scheduled. Once the DCS is activated, load shedding begins. A minimum number of HVAC units will be scheduled to remain on while still maintaining the desired comfort level. Occupancy sensors and lighting controls are also part of the demand response strategy.

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We Help you Save

Demand Control’s representatives will work with you to quantify and analyze how and when your facility uses electricity. We will examine your HVAC, lighting, process controls – all of the discrete systems using power in your building – and develop a proposal for installing and/or implementing measures to reduce your demand.

This program utilizes real-time energy monitoring and controls to automatically direct a predetermined sequence of events during your time of peak demand.









The financial incentives will help get your project completed. The energy-saving benefits will continue on, year after year.

How to eliminate demand control charges on my business solar energy bill?

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